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Bug Repellent

Keep bugs away the natural way!


With the use of our Bug Repellent Balm, you can get out and enjoy the great outdoors without pesky bugs or the use of DEET containing products. Our bug repellent contains a mixture of herbs and essential oils which all have been shown to repel insects the natural way. Although humans enjoy the scent of herbs such as rosemary, thyme, lemon and lavender, bugs do not. This bug repellent keeps bugs away the natural way and, as an added benefit, moisturizes your skin with a combination of shea butter and coconut oil. Also, moms will be happy to know that it is safe for children as well as adults.
Conventional bug repellants contain so many toxins that I actually prefer to just accept the bites over slathering my skin with toxins. How cool is it that I no longer have to endure that itchy madness now that I have discovered a natural solution to repelling bugs!?
— Organic Bunny Blog