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To Moisturize or Not To Moisturize, That is the Summer ☀️ Question.

Kerri Vilaverde

Yes!  You should continue to use your lotion in the summer ☀️!

The warm weather is here and you’ve packed up the sweaters and boots and pulled out the tank tops and sandals, but what about your moisturizers?  Should you pack that away too? Absolutely not and here’s why.

SPF:  You need and I mean NEED to be wearing sunscreen everyday but it is especially important in the warmer weather. You know you don’t need a reminder, but I'll give it to you anyway.  Exposure to damaging UV rays increases your risk of melanoma and precancers like actinic keratoses (www.skincancer.org). But also fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration. The problem is sunscreens can be drying to the skin, especially physical sunscreens such as non-nano zinc or gel based sunscreens that contain alcohol.  They act as astringents and can absorb your skin’s natural oils causing dryness and/or redness. Then factor in chlorine and air conditioning which can cause further irritation. Yikes.

To combat this dryness and irritation you should continue to use your regular body lotions, face lotions, and oils.  Once your products are absorbed, generously apply your sunscreen.  Sunscreen is the last step of your skincare layers.

And using a good nourishing lotion after your fun in the sun is a must!