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Sugar Scrubs

Scrub away...

SCRUB your Cares AWAY.

OK, maybe you can't scrub your cares away, but it is important to exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. Build-up of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin causes clogged pores, discoloration and aging. The immediate effects of exfoliation is removal of dead skin cells revealing softer, smoother, younger looking skin. It will also help you get a closer shave and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Long-term effects are the stimulation of skin cells which will increase natural oil production, improve blood flow and circulation, and slow the aging process. If you suffer from acne, regular exfoliation will also reduce breakouts by removing dead skin cells and pollutants which clog pores and cause acne. Regular exfoliation also helps your skin care products work more effectively. Exfoliation enables your skin care products to penetrate the skin more effectively and give better results. We recommend exfoliation once to twice a week.

WHy sugar?

There are many benefits of sugar versus microbeads for exfoliation. Microbeads are a synthetic product made from plastic. They can be too abrasive and tear your skin causing more harm than good. They are also harmful to the environment. They do not dissolve in water, and waste water treatment plants do not have the ability to filter microbeads from the water supply. As a result, microbeads are found in open waters worldwide. So how does this affect us? Microbeads are known to absorb toxic chemicals such as pesticides and flame retardants. Fish and other marine life then eat the microbeads, and the toxins absorbed by the microbeads transfer into the tissue of the fish. These toxins then move up the food chain poisoning our wildlife. This is why sugar is an excellent alternative. Sugar is an effective gentle exfoliator, and it readily dissolves in water. Also, sugar doesn't cause harm to our environment.
My absolute favorite item I tried would have to be their Botanical Bliss Sugar Body Scrub. I really love course body scrubs that actually remove dead skin, and this product did exactly that, without being too harsh on my skin. This product is very safe, being made of only organic and natural ingredients.
— Organic Bunny Blog
Botanical Bliss Sugar Scrub with lavender flowers

Botanical Bliss Sugar Scrub with lavender flowers