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Bug Balm versus Spray

Janis Covey

We know that when you think of bug repellents, you think of a spray.  

When we set out to make a bug repellent that would be effective for the family, there was one issue that kept coming up.  Just because bug repellent is safe for your skin, it doesn't mean it should end up in your lungs.  Young children cannot effectively hold their breathe to prevent aerosolized products from ending up in their lungs.  Our solution was to create a solid bug balm.

There are many other advantages as well: 

  1. No need for harmful preservatives since it is free of water.

  2. Ease for travel: It will not spill

  3. Contains coconut oil: Coconut oil creates a surface which is too slippery for mosquitoes to land on.

Picture Courtesy of Organic Beauty Lover

Picture Courtesy of Organic Beauty Lover

How to Use:

  1. Hold balm to skin to soften product.

  2. Apply to exposed skin (Swipes to front and back of arms and legs is sufficient for entire area. You do not need to apply to every inch of exposed skin.)

  3. For the head, swipes to the forehead and neck area is sufficient to protect the entire face.

  4. Enjoy the outdoors bug free!


Available at Kosmatology and Amazon.

Do not use if pregnant.