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Treat Those Feet

Kerri Vilaverde

dancing (1).jpg

I can’t say that I think about my feet too much.  It’s very unfair because they take me everywhere I need to go.  But you know when I do start thinking about them? A lot??? Around 10:30 pm... on the dance floor...at a wedding...in heels.  That’s when they are screaming at me and will not be ignored. Like the rest of your body, you should give them a little attention to keep them healthy and working for you.  

  1. Wash them every day.  I know it sounds so obvious, but they need a thorough washing with soap, including in between the toes.  Just letting the suds run down in that direction is not enough (guilty). Bacteria gets hidden in those little in between spaces.

  2. Try a scrub for dry or scaly feet and to keep the skin from thickening and cracking.  They need exfoliating as much as the rest of you!  (We love the Mint Your Feet Scrub)

  3. Dry thoroughly to prevent that bacteria you just washed off from coming back.

  4. Keep your nails neat and straight to help prevent ingrown toenails.

  5. Moisturize.  This is my favorite.  Go ahead and give yourself a foot massage with our Mint Your Feet foot balm.  You deserve it. And then put on some comfy cotton socks, get in bed, and binge-watch something fabulous.  Yes, all these steps are required.

  6. See a doctor at signs of fungus or cracked heels, you may need a prescription, or if you are experiencing recurring pain.

  7. Wear comfortable shoes as much as possible.  Take special care when choosing appropriate footwear for exercising and be sure to replace those running shoes when they are showing the signs of wear and tear.

  8. Speaking of exercise.  Your feet need this too!  Walking is good for them. So are some gentle stretches.  Try placing a tennis ball on the floor and roll it around under your foot.  It should feel like a nice stretch and massage in one.


Taking good care of your tootsies will feel great and BONUS!... keep them looking great in your favorite summer sandals.  Don’t forget to sunscreen them at the beach or the pool. And a nice soak after a long day of walking or a long night of dancing will have them feeling fantastic again in no time.